Maintenance realdoll

You already have, or would like to buy a realdoll in the future.

Then it is useful to know how to properly maintain this ultimate sex toy. We distinguish between sex dolls made of TPE or Silicone. This is necessary because both materials have different properties. Maintaining sex toys is important for hygiene and for the durability of the material.


100% silicone is non-porous and also odorless and tasteless. Also, this platinum material is hypoallergenic and is easy to clean. The skin and vagina of a Doll feel very soft. This cleaning can be done simply with warm water and soap.Use only water-based lubricants for the silicone sex doll! Silicone-based lubricants can affect the silicone of the doll.


TPE is an elastic and soft material. It does not contain softeners but is slightly porous. If you want to share your realdoll with others then it is wise to use a condom and clean it with disinfectant soap.

Cleaning the TPE doll is done with warm water and soap. Despite good maintenance a TPE goes much less long than a silicone sex doll. With good maintenance, they can last more than fifty years.

You can use lubricant on a silicone basis and on a water basis. Silicone lubricant is more difficult to wash off the doll. It is therefore easier to use water-based lubricant.

Applying talcum powder and / or baby powder with a brush lightly helps to make the realdoll less sticky after a cleaning turn.

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